Nunan and Reinders, 2017

 アナハイム大学デビッド・ヌーナンTESOLインスティチュートの研究長であるデビッド・ヌーナン教授 (Dr. David Nunan)と本学TESOL博士課程のプログラム・ディレクターを務める、ハイヨ・レインダース教授(Dr. Hayo Reinders)による共同編集著書「Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching: The Case of China」が、Palgrave Macmillan社より出版されました。


Foreword: Phil Benso

1. Innovation in Language Education in China: an Overview
    Professor Hayo Reinders, Anaheim University (US) and Unitec (NZ)
    Professor David Nunan, Anaheim University (US) and University of Hong Kong

2. Issues and Options for language teaching in China
    Professor Qiufang Wen, Beijing Foreign Studies University

3. An argument approach to test fairness: Curbing cheating through innovations in large-scale language assessment in China
    Professor Yan Jin, Shanghai Jiaotong University

4. Facilitating transformative learning towards productive bilinguals: Innovations in teaching intercultural communication in China
    Professor Yihong Gao and Xuan Zheng, Beijing University

5. From EAP teaching to English medium instruction: Innovation in EFL curriculum design at a Chinese university
    Weimin Zhang and Hao Zhang, Tsinghua University

6. Utilizing Multifaceted Portfolios to Develop Chinese EFL learners’ Writing Competence: A Genre-based Investigation.
    Professor Liming Deng, Wuhan University

7. Doing English media literacy: A global approach
    Prof. Wei Zhang, Beijing University

8. Learning to speak in an exam-focused world.
    Professor Don Snow, Duke Kunshan University

9. Innovation in alternative assessment
    Professor Jun Liu, University of Arizona (US)

10. Innovations in learning Chinese as an L1 and an L2: Retrospect and prospect of the corpus approach.
    Professor Jiajin Xu, Beijing Foreign Studies University

11. Where should ESP in mainland China be focused: a wide-angled approach or narrow-angled approach?
    Professor Jigang Cai, Fudan University

12. The implementation of EAP instruction in local universities in China.
    Dr. Beibei Zhao, Zhejiang Shuren University
    Dr. Guoxing Yu, University of Bristol (UK)

13. Chinese language teachers’ beliefs and practices in promoting learners’ intercultural communicative competence: The case of Shanghai
    Dr. Citing Li, Shanghai International Studies University

14. Innovation in Language Education in China: Future Directions
    Dr. Bin Zou, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
    Professor Hayo Reinders, Anaheim University (US) and Unitec (NZ)



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