Core Pillars

Students program outcomes were developed in line with the Core Pillars of the Carrie Hamilton Entertainment Institute:


Students develop their own voice, creating across a variety of forms and media.


Students are given the chance to recognize the integral nature of different disciplines and are encouraged to collaborate and create diverse, creative networks. 


Students are invited to let a deep sense of connection to others drive their curiosity to learn more about the world we share.


Students develop their craft and communicate to different audiences in engaging and compelling ways.


Students are invited to find practical ways to create something lasting and kind, making the world a little better because of their presence and sharing their unique, creative voice.

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Communications program, students will be able to:

  • Students demonstrate proficiency in creative expression in a variety of expressive media forms, evidencing clear understanding (and ability to articulate in writing) the unique formal properties, history and influences of particular media.
  • Students demonstrate a clear understanding of the integral nature of diversity and collaboration in creative enterprise and the associated professional and ethical responsibilities that entails.
  • Students develop the capacity to effectively communicate their emerging practices informed by the context of global and historical trends, in the forms associated with professional practice (including crafting compelling pitches, treatments and scripts, and representing their professional identity and body of work in a variety of digital platforms and social media forms).
  • Students demonstrate an understanding of some of the trends (including economic and technological ones) shaping film and entertainment as global industries and the practical implications for storytelling and entrance into a sustainable professional practice.