Upon completion of the Online MFA in Digital Filmmaking program, students will be able to:

  • Situate film and media in a continuum of artistic endeavors drawn from a variety of national traditions.
  • Understand the central place that Akira Kurosawa occupies in world cinema.
  • Be able to produce critical works on film and media in the language of the field and with an understanding of the critical theories that are most appropriate to cinematic and media texts.
  • Produce creative works that reflect timeless stories of interior and exterior journeys of understanding of the self and the world around.
  • Summarize significant research findings in the field.
  • Develop creative writings that reflect the professional standards demanded of the film and media industries.
  • Have a grasp of the techniques and technologies for the production of creative digital media.
  • Discern the variety of cinematic texts and the variety of ways they are produced, distributed and consumed.
  • Acquire the overall intellectual and professional background needed to enter the cinematic marketplace.