Undergraduate Diploma in TESOL Program Fees

Affordable Pay-As-You-Learn System: Pay for only one course at a time, or receive a 10% discount on tuition by paying 100% of your program fees at the time you enroll.

Application and Registration Fees
Application Fee
(Non-refundable after 7 days)
$ 50
Registration Fee
(Non-refundable after 7 days)
$ 100
Records Fee $ 200
Per Course Fees
Tuition Fee $750 / course taken
Per Course Fee Total: $750
Diploma No cost
Replacement Diploma $ 100 (optional)
Replacement Cover $ 50 (optional)
Course Completion Letter $ 35 (optional)

Program Total $3,350*


Please Note: Textbook fees are not included in the above fee schedule. A student can expect to pay around $50 for textbooks in this program.

**Assumes completion in 4 terms.

Tuition may be paid on a course-by-course basis. Students may make payment by check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), money order or bank bank transfer (the student is responsible for any transactions fees imposed by the institution).

* An extension may be granted by the Dean to students requiring more time to complete the program. Students requiring a 15-week extension will be charged an additional $200 extension fee per course.

US Military:  Anaheim University's programs are approved for VA benefits.