• Complete Anaheim University's online TESOL certification program and earn 3 units in 15 weeks.
  • Begin Soon: New courses start on the first Monday of every month.
  • Link practice to theory and research through instruction in Exploring Skills, Exploring Language and Supporting the Learning Process.
  • Learn critical areas of practical language teaching techniques, strategies, and tips.
  • Take part in daily online free-time discussions with instructor & classmates worldwide, watch Dr. David Nunan's online video lectures, and complete online quizzes
  • Online Supervised Teaching Options available


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Who is the TESOL Certificate Program for?

  • New teachers of English
  • Experienced English language teaching professionals
  • Native & non-native speaking teachers of English
  • Teachers of English to children
  • Teachers of English to adults
  • Public and private school teachers

Online Resources:

  • Online discussion forum
  • Video webcasts
  • Online quizzes
  • Student Services and TechSupport


  • 15 weeks x 9 hours per week = 135 hour course


Weekly Study Format:

Through the Online Discussion Forum, discuss questions regarding your readings and video lectures featuring former President of the TESOL International Association Dr. David Nunan with your instructor and fellow students around the world

Weekly Study Format:

150 min. video lecture & Powerpoint presentation (watching video, reviewing Powerpoint, taking notes, reflecting on notes)
150 min. background reading
120 min. preparation of responses to discussion questions and tasks
90 min. discussion board
30 min. online quiz
9 hours per week total

Note: All above times are approximate


  • A grade of Pass or Fail is awarded at conclusion of the program. Those who have successfully completed this 3-unit (or 135-hour) course will be awarded a TESOL certificate.
  • During the 15-week course, you will be evaluated on your participation in the daily online discussion forum, weekly online quizzes and final exam as follows:


Percent of Grade

Discussion Forum




Final Exam




Online Supervised Teaching Options

Online Supervised Teaching Option A* (Student arranges the ESL learners)
Online Supervised Teaching Option B* (Anaheim University arranges the ESL learners)

For students wishing to gain experience teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners and receive written corrective feedback on the student's teaching, an Online Supervised Teaching Option is available for an additional fee. Students who choose Option A arrange to teach three 30 to 60 minute classes of ESL learners, video record the lessons, and upload the videos for the instructor to view and provide written corrective feedback. Students who choose Option B where Anaheim University arranges ESL learners, will be required to teach three 30 to 60 minute classes by online webcam. The sessions are recorded and the instructor provides written corrective feedback. In either option, the classes may be either private or group lessons.

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Join Anaheim University's Online MA in TESOL after Completing the TESOL Certificate

After completing the TESOL Certificate, continue into Anaheim University’s Online MA in TESOL or Online Graduate Diploma in TESOL program and you will be waived the tuition fee for two units of credit. Students must complete the TESOL Certificate with grade of B or higher, meet all entrance requirements for the MA or Graduate Diploma in TESOL and be accepted into the MA or Graduate Diploma in TESOL program.