From Saturday, Sept. 9 to Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011 Anaheim University, in collaboration with Universidad de la Sabana held a 4-day Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) residential session in Bogota, Colombia. Students from around the country gathered with Anaheim's TESOL faculty for 4-days on the campus of Universidad de la Sabana as they discussed topics related to current issues in TESOL. This residential session was part of a collaborative program between the Colombia Ministry of Education and the two universities to train 100 public school English teachers through a Graduate Diploma in TESOL conferred by Anaheim University and a Masters in English Language Teaching conferred by Universidad de la Sabana. Colombia Residential

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Anaheim University's Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) faculty now includes five past presidents of the TESOL International Association, the world's largest language teaching association. These professors include Graduate School of Education Dean Dr. David Nunan and TESOL Professors Dr. Kathleen Bailey, Dr. Denise Murray, Dr. MaryAnn Christison and Dr. Jun Liu.

David Nunan, Ph.D.David Nunan, Ph.D

Dr. David Nunan is Past President of TESOL, the world's largest language teaching organization and the world's leading textbook series author. David Nunan, Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Anaheim University, is the founding Dean of the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education and served as President of Anaheim University from 2006 to 2008. Dr. Nunan is a distinguished linguist and best-selling author of English Language Teaching textbooks for Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Thomson Learning. In 2000, David Nunan served as President of TESOL, the world's largest language teaching association, and was the first person to serve as President from outside North America. David Nunan has been involved in the teaching of graduate programs for such prestigious institutions as the University of Hong Kong, Columbia University, the University of Hawaii, Monterey Institute for International Studies, and many more. In 2002 Dr. Nunan received a congressional citation from the United States House of Representatives for his services to English language education through his pioneering work in online education at Anaheim University. In 2003 he was ranked the 7th most influential Australian in Asia by Business Review Weekly, and in 2005 he was named one of the top "50 Australians who Matter". David Nunan was invited by the Australian Prime Minister to attend a summit in Sydney Australia in December 1996 as one of the Leading 100 Global Australians.

kathi-baileyKathleen Bailey, Ph.D.

Dr. Kathleen M. Bailey, a Past President of TESOL (1998-1999) and International Research Foundation for English Language Education Chair (TIRF), received her M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language (1976) and her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics (1982) from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Dr. Bailey is Professor of TESOL in Anaheim University's Graduate School of Education. She also works full-time as a professor of Applied Linguistics at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. She was the Director of the TESOL M.A. Program there for six years and the Director of the Intensive English as a Second Language Program for three years. In addition, she was instrumental in developing the Monterey Institute's Certificate in Language Program Administration. She is a recipient of the Allen Griffin Award for Excellence in Post-secondary Teaching on the Monterey Peninsula, the Monterey Institute's Teaching Excellence Award 2006 and the James E. Alatis Award for service to TESOL 2007. Dr. Bailey has worked with language teachers in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Uruguay, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Trinidad, Czechoslovakia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and the United States. From 1992 to 1995 she was a member of the TESOL Executive Board and the USIA English Teaching Advisory Panel. She is a member of the editorial boards of IRAL, Language Teaching Research, the Asian Journal of English Language Teaching, Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, and the Modern Language Journal. She taught in TESOL Summer Institutes at Georgetown, Northern Arizona, San Francisco State, Michigan State, and Iowa State Universities, as well as St. Michael's College, and directed the 1986 program at the University of Hawaii. In 1996-97 she taught EFL in the English Language Teaching Unit at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Bailey's research interests include teacher education and development, second language acquisition, language testing, classroom research, research methodology, and sociolinguistics. She has co-edited five books: (1) Foreign Teaching Assistants in U.S. Universities, (2) Second Language Acquisition Studies: Series in Second Language Research, (3) New Ways in Teaching Speaking, (4) the proceedings of the 1986 Language Teaching Research Colloquium, and (5) Voices from the Language Classroom. She is the co-author (with Dick Allwright) of Focus on the Language Classroom: An Introduction to Classroom Research for Language Teachers (Cambridge University Press). Two of her books, Learning About Language Assessment: Dilemmas, Decisions and Directions and Pursuing Professional Development: The Self as Source (co-authored with Andy Curtis and David Nunan), were published by Heinle and Heinle. Her most recent books are Practical English Language Teaching: Speaking (McGraw-Hill) and Language Teacher Supervision: A Case-based Approach (Cambridge University Press).

Denise Murray,  Ph.D.Denise Murray, Ph.D.

Dr. Denise Murray served as President of TESOL from 1996-1997 and on the Board of Directors of TESOL for 7 years. TESOL Professor at Anaheim University, Prof. Murray is Emeritus Professor at Macquarie University, Australia, and at San José State University, California. She was Executive Director of the AMEP Research Centre and of the National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research (NCELTR) at Macquarie University from 2000 to 2006. Prior to her appointment at Macquarie, she was founding Chair of the Department of Linguistics and Language Development at San José State University for 9 years. Her research centers around computer-assisted language learning; cross-cultural literacy; use of L1 in the second language classroom; intersection of language, society and technology; settlement of adult immigrants; language education policy; and leadership in language education. She has published her work in 17 books and more than 100 articles in professional journals, as book chapters, or conference proceedings. She edited two volumes in 2008: Planning change; Changing plans: Innovations in second language teaching (University of Michigan Press) and Leadership in English language education: Theoretical foundations and practical skills for changing times (Routledge). The leadership volume was co-edited with M.A. Christison. In 2011 she and M.A. Christison co-authored two volumes on teacher education: What English language teachers need to know I: Understanding learning and What English language teachers need to know I I: Facilitating learning(Routledge).

MaryAnn Christison, Ph.D.MaryAnn Christison,Ph.D.

A past President of TESOL (1997-1998), Dr. MaryAnn Christison serves on the Board of Trustees for The International Research Foundation (TIRF). Holding a Ph.D. in English/Linguistics from the University of Utah, Dr. Christison has been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in applied linguistics for over 30 years. She is the author of over 80 refereed articles in journals on language teaching and second language research and 18 books including Leadership in English Language Education: Theoretical foundations and practical skills for changing times (with D. E. Murray), A Handbook for Language Program Administrators (2nd Edition) (with F. L. Stoller), What language teachers need to know: Understanding learning (with D. E. Murray), What language teachers need to know: Facilitating learning (with D. E. Murray), Multiple intelligences and language learning, and Learning to teach languages. She has been a classroom teacher for 38 years, teaching in U.S. K-12, adult education, and university contexts. She has developed many multi-media projects, and online ESL Endorsement program, and four online courses for language teachers. Christison has been a teacher educator for over 20 years, working with teachers in the U.S. and in over 30 different countries. Her current research interests are in leadership, second language teacher development, and language and the brain.

Jun Liu, Ph.D.Jun Liu, Ph.D.

A past President of TESOL (2006-2007), Dr. Jun Liu is currently TESOL Representative in China and on the Board of Trustees of TIRF (The International Research Foundation for English Language Education. Dr. Liu is also Vice President of International Society of Chinese Language Teaching (ISCLT) and senior advisor for Office of Chinese Language International (Hanban) in Beijing, China. Dr. Jun Liu is a TESOL Professor at Anaheim University and Associate Provost for International Initiatives at Georgia State University in Atlanta, USA. Prior to this position, he has served as Professor and Head in the Department of English and Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona between 2007 and 2011. His research interests include curriculum and standards development and syllabus design, teacher education, classroom-based second language learning and teaching, and second language reading and writing. He has published in TESOL Quarterly, ELT Journal, Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, Asian Journal of English Language Teaching, Language and Intercultural Communication, and Educational Research Quarterly, among others. He is the author of numerous books including Teaching English in China: New Perspectives, Approaches and Standards (The Continuum Publishing 2007), Asian students’ classroom communication patterns in US universities (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001) and Peer Response in Second Language Writing Classrooms (University of Michigan Press, 2002 co-authored). He is also co-editor of Michigan Series on Teaching Multilingual Writers.


Dr. Ruth Wajrnyb (1948-2012), Anaheim University Graduate School of Education TESOL Professor Emeritus, passed away on June 30, 2012. A distinguished linguist, who was known for her theory on Dictogloss, was one of the founding professors of the Anaheim University online MA in TESOL degree program. In addition to being a teacher trainer and linguistics expert, Dr. Wajrnyb was known as the "Words Woman" in her weekly column in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Beatty LEAP CoverKen Beatty's latest textbook

Anaheim University Graduate School of Education TESOL Professor Dr. Ken Beatty's most recent textbook Learning English for Academic Purposes: Listening and Speaking, has been published by Pearson Canada.

Learning English for Academic Purposes features a cross-curricular approach to teaching students the skills they need to thrive in a real-life academic context, while helping them develop academic vocabulary in a range of disciplines and apply critical thinking skills to a variety of global issues. Written by Canadian authors Dr. Ken Beatty and Julia Williams, this new edition of the successful EAP book for high-intermediate to advanced students is now available in two complementary strands: Listening and Speaking and Reading and Writing. The two books cover eight similar academic themes but from different perspectives. The chapters are built around warm-up and final assignments that have students progress toward greater autonomy, while challenging texts and tasks call for students to reflect critically on the learning content. As well as teaching language skills and emphasizing vocabulary development, LEAP equips students with all the necessary skills and strategies to thrive in the academic world in English.

Dr. Ken Beatty is an expert in the area of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). Dr. Beatty is the author/co-author of more than 100 textbooks for Pearson, Longman, Oxford University Press, Thomson, Heinle & Heinle and Hong Kong Educational Press including English as a Second Language textbooks and readers from the primary through university levels. Although most of these focus on various aspects of English as a Second Language, he also writes and reviews on the topic of CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning). He is involved in electronic media and was Academic Advisor to Hong Kong's Educational Television from 1998 to 2004. Dr. Beatty taught the last 15 years at universities in the UAE, the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong. He holds a PhD in Curriculum Studies from the University of Hong Kong.

David Nunan and Jun Liu at Anaheim University TESOL Conference BoothProfessors David Nunan and Jun Liu at 2012 TESOL Conference in PhiladelphiaProfessors David Nunan and Jun Liu at 2012 TESOL Conference in PhiladelphiaAnaheim University TESOL Professors David Nunan and Jun Liu at 2012 TESOL Conference in PhiladelphiaAnaheim University administrators, faculty and students attended online education, Applied Linguistics, and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) conferences in March, 2012.

From March 15-17, Anaheim University Administrators hosted an information booth at the 2012 Computer Using Educators (CUE) Association Conference in Palm Springs, California.

Anaheim University faculty and administrators attended the 2012 American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Conference in Boston, MA from March 24 to March 27. In addition to hosting an information booth, Anaheim University TESOL Chair Dr. Rod Ellis and Anaheim University TESOL Professor Dr. Mary Ann Christison presented at the conference.

MaryAnn Christison receives Alatis TESOL AwardMaryAnn Christison Receives Alatis TESOL AwardStudents, faculty and administrators were in attendance at the 2012 TESOL Conference in Philadelphia, PA.  Anaheim University's TESOL faculty who were in attendance included AU Graduate School of Education Dean Dr. David Nunan and TESOL Professors Dr. Kathleen Bailey, Dr. Denise Murray, Dr. Mary Ann Christison, Dr. Jun Liu, Dr. Andy Curtis,  Dr. Martha Cummings and Dr. Gary Barkhuizen.  At the conference, in addition to each professor giving individual presentations, Dr. Mary Ann Christison was awarded the coveted James E. Alatis Award for Service to TESOL, Dr. Jun Liu gave a plenary presentation, and Dr. David Nunan, Dr. Kathleen Bailey, Dr. Denise Murray, Dr. Martha Cummings and Dr. Ken Beatty gave a colloquium on the challenges of online education in TESOL.  Ken Beatty presented during the colloquium via live online broadcast from Vancouver, Canada using Anaheim University's state-of-the-art High Definition Webcam Classroom system.  Dr. David Nunan also held two book signings during the event for his most recent textbook "Teaching English to Young Learners" published by Anaheim University Press.  Anaheim University MA in TESOL and TESOL Certificate students and graduates stopped by Anaheim University's TESOL booth to meet with AU administrators and to say hello to their fellow students and alumni around the world through video clips shot at the booth and uploaded to Anaheim University's Facebook site.