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Program Objectives

The Ed.D. in TESOL degree program aims to develop the knowledge and skills to:

  • form a critical understanding of the interdisciplinary literature that informs the field of TESOL
  • evaluate research-based evidence and consider its relevance to TESOL
  • design and evaluate curricula and instructional materials
  • undertake a leadership role in TESOL
  • design and conduct research studies that address pedagogical issues relevant to TESOL

Anticipated Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing the program, students will be able to demonstrate the following behaviors, skills and attributes:

  • identify and express informed views about a variety of theoretical and practical issues concerning TESOL
  • work collaboratively with peers
  • design courses for specific groups of L2 learners and teachers
  • prepare teaching materials and tests for specific groups of L2 learners and teachers
  • evaluate published research related to TESOL
  • design, implement and report research studies in the preferred research tradition
  • critically consider their professional development and assist in the professional development of others in the field