Andy Curtis, Ph.D.

Professor: TESOL

Dr. Andy Curtis is a TESOL Professor in the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education. From 2015 to 2016, he served as the 50th President of TESOL International Association, the largest association of its kind in the world, as the first Association President of Indian origin, and the first from the Afro-Caribbean Pacific (ACP). As one of the very few presidents of color, in the 55-year history of the Association, much of his work has focused on the intersectionality of Race, Color and English Language Teaching (Curtis & Romney, 2006). After some years of working in UK hospitals, as a clinical, medical biochemist, Dr. Curtis finally found his true passions: teaching and learning; languages and cultures. Having no background in language studies or linguistics, in his 20s, he started over, from the beginning. First, with mail-in distance learning education courses, then a science teaching degree, then a Master’s in Applied Linguistics and Language Education, and eventually a PhD in International Education. That journey has enabled him to take an interdisciplinary approach to language education, that breaks down barriers and builds bridges between hitherto disconnected domains of knowledge. His recent work, at the forefront of the field of the New Peace Linguistics, is an example of that scholarly and academic interdisciplinary bridge-building. He is also the editor of a nine-book series, ELT In Context, and the editor of a five-book series, Applied Linguistics for the Language Classroom. He has published 200 articles, book chapters and books, and presented to more than 50,000 language educators in 100 countries. He is based in Ontario, Canada, from where he works with language education organizations around the world.

Welcome to Anaheim University! 2021 marked my tenth year of teaching online on the MA and Ed.D. TESOL course, starting in 2011, co-teaching the MA TESOL Classroom-Based Assessment (EDU 570) course, with Kathi Bailey, and the EDU 550 MA TESOL course, Classroom Management and Observation, as well as the EDU 600 Research Portfolio. Most recently, I have taught the EDU 720 Ed.D. course, Leadership and Management in Language Education. Over the decade of teaching AU MA/Ed.D. online courses, as well as intensive, in-person, in-country teaching (for example in South Korea and Colombia) teaching, I have been tremendously and consistently impressed with the drive and determination of AU graduate TESOL course participants. I very much look forward to working with you in my second decade here at AU!


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  • Forthcoming. Curtis, A. (Editor). Reflecting on Leadership in Language Education. January 2022, Equinox Publishing., A. & Romney, R. Colour, Race and English Language Teaching: Shades of meaning (2006). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.


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