Dr. Hayo Reinders

Graduate School of Education Chair of Research
TESOL Professor, Graduate School of Education 

Dr. Hayo Reinders is Chair of Research and TESOL Professor for the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education. Holding a Ph.D. in Language Teaching and Learning from the University of Auckland, Dr. Reinders is also Professor of Education and Head of Department at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. His previous positions include Head of Learner Development at Middlesex University in London, Director of the English Language Self Access Centre at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and associate professor at RELC in Singapore. He has worked with teachers from a large number of countries worldwide and has been visiting professor in Japan, Thailand, Mexico and the Netherlands. Dr. Reinders edits the journal 'Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching' as well as a book series on ‘New Language Learning and Teaching Environments’ for Palgrave Macmillan. He is Editor of Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, and Convenor of the AILA Research Network for CALL and the Learner. Dr. Reinders' interests are in technology in education, learner autonomy, and out-of-class learning, and he is a speaker on these subjects for the Royal Society of New Zealand. His most recent books are on teacher autonomy, teaching methodologies, and second language acquisition.

Dr. Masatoshi Sato

Associate Professor: TESOL

Dr. Masatoshi Sato is a TESOL Associate Professor in the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education. Dr.  Sato earned his Ph.D. in Educational Studies, Language Acquisition and a Master of Arts in Second Language Education from McGill University, as well as a Graduate Certificate in TESOL from the University of New Mexico and a Bachelor of Arts in International and Intercultural Communication from Kobe University. In addition to serving as Associate Professor in TESOL at Anaheim University, Dr. Sato is a Professor in the Department of English at Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile. His research interests include peer interaction, corrective feedback, learner psychology, and teacher education. He is interested in ways in which foreign language learners’ grammatical knowledge can be used accurately and fluently during real-world communication. He has published in various international journals, such as International Review of Applied Linguistics, Language Awareness, Language Learning, Language Teaching, The Modern Language Journal, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, and System. He recently co-edited books from John Benjamins (with Susan Ballinger, McGill University: 2016) and Routledge (with Shawn Loewen, Michigan State University: 2017). His new co-edited volume from Routledge will appear in 2018. He is the recipient of the 2014 ACTFL/MLJ Paul Pimsleur Award.

As a second language researcher, educator, and learner, I am very excited to share my experience and knowledge with you! I hope that we together discover how we can transfer research findings to actual classrooms so that second language research becomes more meaningful and useful for teachers!

Andy Curtis, Ph.D.

Professor: TESOL

Dr. Andy Curtis is a TESOL Professor in the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education. From 2015 to 2016, he served as the 50th President of TESOL International Association, the largest association of its kind in the world, as the first Association President of Indian origin, and the first from the Afro-Caribbean Pacific (ACP). As one of the very few presidents of color, in the 55-year history of the Association, much of his work has focused on the intersectionality of Race, Color and English Language Teaching (Curtis & Romney, 2006). After some years of working in UK hospitals, as a clinical, medical biochemist, Dr. Curtis finally found his true passions: teaching and learning; languages and cultures. Having no background in language studies or linguistics, in his 20s, he started over, from the beginning. First, with mail-in distance learning education courses, then a science teaching degree, then a Master’s in Applied Linguistics and Language Education, and eventually a PhD in International Education. That journey has enabled him to take an interdisciplinary approach to language education, that breaks down barriers and builds bridges between hitherto disconnected domains of knowledge. His recent work, at the forefront of the field of the New Peace Linguistics, is an example of that scholarly and academic interdisciplinary bridge-building. He is also the editor of a nine-book series, ELT In Context, and the editor of a five-book series, Applied Linguistics for the Language Classroom. He has published 200 articles, book chapters and books, and presented to more than 50,000 language educators in 100 countries. He is based in Ontario, Canada, from where he works with language education organizations around the world.

Martha Cummings,  Ph.D.

Professor: TESOL

Dr. Martha Cummings is a TESOL Professor at Anaheim University. She received her doctorate from Columbia University Teachers College. She has served on the Nominating Committee of TESOL and is currently a member of the Standing Committee on Diversity. Dr. Cummings has taught for The Monterey Institute of International Studies and the New School Online University, as well as ESL courses for the University of Aizu in Aizuwakamatsu, Japan, where she lived from 2002-2006. She has also lived and worked in New York City; Paris, France; Bratislava, (the former Czechoslovakia); Monterey, California; and Thermopolis, Wyoming. As part of the United States Department of State English Language Specialist Program, she has trained English language teachers in Cyprus, Thailand, Tunisia, and Turkey. She is co-author of two intermediate-level ESL textbooks, Changes, and Inspired to Write, published by Cambridge University Press, and author of numerous academic articles and short stories.

David Nunan, Ph.D.

Master of Arts in TESOL Designer & David Nunan TESOL Institute Director
Senior Professor: TESOL

Dr. David Nunan is the Director of the Anaheim University David Nunan TESOL Institute and Senior Professor of TESOL for the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education. He was the founding Dean of the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education and previously served as President of Anaheim University from 2006 to 2008 and as Vice-President for Academic Affairs from 2008 to 2013. Dr. David Nunan is former president of TESOL, the world's largest language teaching organization and the world's leading textbook series author. Dr. Nunan is a world-renowned linguist and best-selling author of English Language Teaching textbooks for Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Thomson Learning. His ELT textbook series "Go For It" is the largest selling textbook series in the world with total sales exceeding 2.5 billion books. In 2000, David Nunan served as President of TESOL, the world's largest language teaching association, and was the first person to serve as President from outside North America. David Nunan has been involved in the teaching of graduate programs for such prestigious institutions as the University of Hong Kong, Columbia University, the University of Hawaii, Monterey Institute for International Studies, and many more. In 2002 and 2015 Dr. Nunan received a congressional citation from the United States House of Representatives for his services to English language education through his pioneering work in online education at Anaheim University. In 2003 he was ranked the 7th most influential Australian in Asia by Business Review Weekly, and in 2005 he was named one of the top "50 Australians who Matter". David Nunan was invited by the Australian Prime Minister to attend a summit in Sydney Australia in December 1996 as one of the Leading 100 Global Australians.

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Ruth Wajnryb, Ph.D.Ruth Wajnryb, Ph.D.

Former Professor Emeritus TESOL and Graduate School of Education Associate Dean

A renowned linguist known for her theory on "Dictogloss", Dr. Ruth Wajnryb served as the word/language columnist for Australia's leading newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald.

Rod Ellis

Vice President of Academic Affairs
Doctor of Education in TESOL Program Designer
Senior Professor: TESOL

Dr. Rod Ellis is Vice President of Academic Affairs, Senior TESOL Professor and the designer of the Doctor of Education in TESOL degree program at Anaheim University. A world-renowned thought leader in the field of Second Language Acquisition, Prof. Ellis received his Doctorate from the University of London and his Master of Education from the University of Bristol. A former professor at Temple University both in Japan and the US, Prof. Ellis has served as the Director of the Institute of Language Teaching and Learning at the University of Auckland, a John Curtin Distinguished Professor at Curtin University, and has taught in numerous positions in England, Japan, the US, Zambia and New Zealand. Dr. Ellis, who is known as an expert in Second Language Acquisition, is author of the Oxford University Press Duke of Edinburgh Award-Winning Classic "The Study of Second Language Acquisition", as well as numerous student and teacher-training textbooks for Prentice Hall and Oxford University Press, Prof. Ellis's textbooks on Second Language Acquisition and Grammar are core textbooks in TESOL and Linguistics programs around the world.

Ken Beatty, Ph.D.

Professor: TESOL

Dr. Ken Beatty is a TESOL Professor in the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education. An expert in the area of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Dr. Beatty is the author/co-author of more than 140 textbooks and readers from the primary through university levels. Although most of these focus on various aspects of English as a Second Language, he also writes and reviews on the topic of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL). Dr. Beatty has worked at universities in Asia, North and South America, and the Middle East. He holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies from the University of Hong Kong.