This 15-week, 3-unit Online Certificate program in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is for English teachers and aspiring English teachers who will be teaching non-native English speakers of any age.

New courses start on the first Monday of every month.

  • Learn to teach English to non-native English speakers
  • Earn a TESOL Certificate online from an accredited university in 15 weeks
  • Developed and overseen by distinguished linguist Dr. David Nunan

"The professionals of Anaheim University’s Graduate School of Education are outstanding; it is rare to find in one place such a combination of qualifications, track records and a genuine interest in the success of students. Our internal satisfaction surveys show that Anaheim TESOL Certificate programs are without doubt the preferred online development option of our teachers. They are proud to hold this certificate."

- Lorraine DeMatos, President

Cultura Inglesa, the largest English school chain in Brazil

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