kathi-baileyKathleen Bailey, Ph.D.

TESOL Professor:

Kathleen M. Bailey, a Past President of TESOL (1998-1999) and International Research Foundation for English Language Education Chair (TIRF), received her M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language (1976) and her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics (1982) from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Dr. Bailey is Professor of TESOL in Anaheim University's Graduate School of Education. She also works full-time as a professor of Applied Linguistics at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. She was the Director of the TESOL M.A. Program there for six years and the Director of the Intensive English as a Second Language Program for three years. In addition, she was instrumental in developing the Monterey Institute's Certificate in Language Program Administration. She is a recipient of the Allen Griffin Award for Excellence in Post-secondary Teaching on the Monterey Peninsula, the Monterey Institute's Teaching Excellence Award 2006 and the James E. Alatis Award for service to TESOL 2007.

Dr. Bailey has worked with language teachers in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Uruguay, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Trinidad, Czechoslovakia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and the United States. From 1992 to 1995 she was a member of the TESOL Executive Board and the USIA English Teaching Advisory Panel. She is a member of the editorial boards of IRAL, Language Teaching Research, the Asian Journal of English Language Teaching, Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, and the Modern Language Journal. She taught in TESOL Summer Institutes at Georgetown, Northern Arizona, San Francisco State, Michigan State, and Iowa State Universities, as well as St. Michael's College, and directed the 1986 program at the University of Hawaii. In 1996-97 she taught EFL in the English Language Teaching Unit at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Bailey's research interests include teacher education and development, second language acquisition, language testing, classroom research, research methodology, and sociolinguistics. She has co-edited five books: (1) Foreign Teaching Assistants in U.S. Universities, (2) Second Language Acquisition Studies: Series in Second Language Research, (3) New Ways in Teaching Speaking, (4) the proceedings of the 1986 Language Teaching Research Colloquium, and (5) Voices from the Language Classroom. She is the co-author (with Dick Allwright) of Focus on the Language Classroom: An Introduction to Classroom Research for Language Teachers (Cambridge University Press). Two of her books, Learning About Language Assessment: Dilemmas, Decisions and Directions and Pursuing Professional Development: The Self as Source (co-authored with Andy Curtis and David Nunan), were published by Heinle and Heinle. Her most recent books are Practical English Language Teaching: Speaking (McGraw-Hill) and Language Teacher Supervision: A Case-based Approach (Cambridge University Press).

Message from Kathleen Bailey, Ph.D.

Hello and welcome to Anaheim University's MA in TESOL.
I have been involved in English language teaching and language teacher education for over thirty years, and I still find the field as interesting as it was when I was first starting out. In this profession we meet people from all over the world, touch their lives, and help them improve their own situations through language learning.
My own particular research interests are in classroom observation, teacher supervision and development, content-based instruction, and language assessment. I also particularly enjoy the teaching of speaking. I am looking forward to discussing these and other issues in applied linguistics with you, both online and in our face-to-face sessions.


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