By becoming an Anaheim University (AU) Global Learning Partner (GLP), companies receive the following benefits:

10% Tuition Discount

A 10% discount on tuition for GLP employees wishing to pursue an Anaheim University MBA degree, regardless of whether the tuition is paid for by the company or directly by the employee.

30% Corporate Lecture Fee Discount

A 30% discount on fees for corporate lectures will be given to GLPs wishing to arrange for corporate lectures held at the company's place of business or at the Tokyo Learning Center.

Reduced Tuition for Groups

GLPs introducing groups of employees wishing to pursue business education through AU will receive special reduced tuition rates based on the number of enrollments.

Introduction of Bilingual MBA Holders

GLP Personnel Recruitment Divisions can request AU to introduce highly qualified bilingual MBA holders to them.

Special Invitations to Events

From time to time, GLPs will receive invitations to take part in events, seminars, workshops, and special banquets featuring guest speakers with distinguished careers in the field of international business as well as government officials who provide information on the latest issues for internationally-minded businesses.

Enhanced Public Image

GLPs are provided with the Global Learning Partner logo, which can be placed on promotional materials and the GLP corporate website for PR purposes to enhance the public image of the corporation by displaying its commitment to education.

Global Seminar Invitations & International Exchange

In the past, Anaheim University has formed alliances to carry out seminar series with other institutions of higher learning such as Columbia Video Network, a component of Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Sophia University's Center for Foreign Language Education, and Alliant International University's School of Education. The University invites its Global Learning Partners to view and/or take part in such seminars and presentations.

To receive an application form, please click here GLP Application Form