greenmba top01The Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute Online MBA in Global Sustainable Management (the Green MBA) provides candidates with the business skills needed to look at the financial, environmental and social implications of management decisions. Whether you are responsible for marketing, finance, strategic planning, corporate social responsibility (CSR), or overseeing engineering and manufacturing functions of a company, the Green MBA allows you to incorporate the social and environmental costs of doing business into your work. The Green MBA allows you to be environmentally friendly and socially responsible while still being successful in your business endeavors.

Executives who want an edge above the rest need a Green MBA. Here are a few examples:

  • A marketing director deciding on how to print promotional materials or how to package a product
  • An investment banker deciding whether acquiring a manufacturing plant is a sound investment
  • A purchasing director deciding which materials and which supplier to use
  • A CSR officer documenting the company's environmental and social impact
  • An engineering manager deciding how to best manufacture a product
  • An investor relations officer documenting how the company has created value for its shareholders
  • Managers wanting to be more successful at advancing their initiatives
  • Anyone who wants to be globally competitive