Wesley Center

Anaheim University will hold the 2018 TESOL Residential Session from Thursday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 5th, 2018 at the Wesley Center in the Minami Aoyama area of Tokyo, Japan. Anaheim University's M.A. and Ed.D. in TESOL students from around the world will attend sessions related to "Analyzing Language for Content and Form" led by Anaheim University's Ed.D. in TESOL Program Designer Dr. Rod Ellis, Ed.D. in TESOL Program Director Dr. Hayo Reinders and TESOL Professor Dr. Jo Mynard. The Master of Arts in TESOL sessions will focus on "Analyzing language for content" while the Doctor of Education in TESOL sessions will focus on "Analyzing learner language" and students from both programs will also gather for group activities.

On Saturday, August 4th, 2018, the Multicultural Education Conference in Tokyo (MECTokyo) will be open to the public. Co-organized by Anaheim University, the theme of the presentations will be "English Opening Doors", covering a range of topics of importance to English language teaching and teaching English to young learners. Plenary presentations will be given by Anaheim University TESOL Professors Dr. Rod Ellis and Dr. David Nunan and experts on Applied Linguistics and TESOL will be featured including Keio University Professor of English Dr. Yuji Nakamura. The keynote presentation will be given by Marin Minamiya, who is a Guinness World Record holder for being the world’s youngest mountain climber to climb the highest peak (including Mt. Everest) on all seven continents as well as reach the North and South Poles.

These workshops are part of Anaheim University's online graduate degree programs in TESOL:


4-Day Residential Schedule

Thursday, August 2: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Friday, August 3: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday, August 4: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (MECTokyo)
Sunday, August 5: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Sat. May 4 MECTokyo Schedule

9:30 am - 10:00 am Dr. Yuji Nakamura: "Two Sides of the Same Coin: Teaching and Testing"
10:00 am - 10:50 am Dr. Rod Ellis: "Teacher-Preparation for Task-based Language Teaching"
11:00 am - 11:50 am Dr. David Nunan: "Seven Things I Wish I'd Known..."
11:50 am - 1:00 pm "Teacher Education and Professional Training" Panel Discussion with Dr. Rod Ellis, Dr. David Nunan, Dr. Yuji Nakamura & Dr. Masahiko Abe. Moderator: Dr. Hayo Reinders

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm "Making an impact in our institutions / the field: the benefits of getting a graduate degree" Student Panel Discussion
3:00 pm - 3:20 pm Announcements
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Marin Minamiya: "Reaching for Greater Heights"


1-Day MECTokyo Conference: 1,500 Japanese Yen

The fee to attend MECTokyo on Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018 is 1,500 yen.

4-Day TESOL Workshop Registration: $1,200

Note: This fee covers the TESOL workshop commencing on August 2nd and concluding on August 5th and includes attendance at MECTokyo. Click here to register for 4-day TESOL Residential Session


Master's Level: Analyzing Language for Content

Topics in this master level TESOL workshop include:

  • Introduction to methods for collecting and analysing language for content
  • Introduction to methods for collecting and analysing language learner data
  • Narrative inquiry for teaching and learning histories
  • The TESOL professional - micro-consultations
  • Teacher and learner autonomy
  • Using visual narratives and other visual tools in research
  • Enhancing your career
  • Preparing for presentations with individual feedback
  • Group poster session presentations of content analysis
  • Group poster session presentations of language analysis


Doctoral Level: Analyzing learner language

Topics in this doctoral level TESOL workshop include:

  • Advanced methods for collecting analysing language learner data
  • Advanced methods for collecting and analysing language for content
  • Interaction analysis
  • The TESOL professional - micro-consultations
  • Fluency, accuracy, complexity
  • Learner corpus data and learning analytics
  • Task performance as engagement
  • Preparing for presentations with individual feedback
  • Group poster session presentations of content analysis
  • Group poster session presentations of language analysis



Master's Level Workshop: Participants must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Non-native English speakers must meet the English requirements outlined here.

Doctoral Level Workshop: Participants must hold a masters degree in TESOL or Applied Linguistics or a related area of Education from an accredited institution. Non-native English speakers must meet the English requirements outlined here.

MecTokyo: No Pre-quesisites


Rod EllisRod Ellis, Ph.D.

Rod Ellis, Ph.D.
Anaheim University Doctor of Education in TESOL Program Designer, TESOL

Dr. Rod Ellis is a world-renowned thought leader in the field of Second Language Acquisition. Prof. Ellis received his Doctorate from the University of London and his Master of Education from the University of Bristol. A former professor at Temple University both in Japan and the US, Prof. Ellis has served as the Director of the Institute of Language Teaching and Learning at the University of Auckland and has taught in numerous positions in England, Japan, the US, Zambia and New Zealand. Dr. Ellis, who is known as an expert in Second Language Acquisition, is author of the Oxford University Press Duke of Edinburgh Award-Winning Classic "The Study of Second Language Acquisition", as well as numerous student and teacher-training textbooks for Prentice Hall and Oxford University Press, Prof. Ellis's textbooks on Second Language Acquisition and Grammar are core textbooks in TESOL and Linguistics programs around the world.

MECTokyo Sat, Aug. 4 10:00 am - 10:50 am: Teacher-Preparation for Task-based Language Teaching
In this talk I will discuss the various impediments to the implementation of TBLT in state schools in Asia. This provide the basis for arguing the need for well-thought out teacher preparation programmes. Previous evaluation studies of such programmes have pointed to a number of factors that are the key to their success. Drawing on research in teacher education more generally I identify a number of general principles that can guide the design of preparation programmes. Following a discussion of various proposals for the development of teacher preparation programmes for TBLT, I outline an introductory course designed to provide teachers with the concepts and tools needed to implement TBLT in their own classrooms. Finally. I acknowledge some impediments are likely to remain. Policy makers may mandate TBLT but at the same time wish to adhere to a structural syllabus and explicit language teaching. Traditional tests stay in place. In such a context pure TBLT cannot flourish. It is necessary to seek some kind of compromise. I conclude with suggestions for this.

Dr. Hayo Reinders
Hayo Reinders, Ph.D.

Hayo Reinders, Ph.D.
Anaheim University Doctor of Education in TESOL Program Director, TESOL Professor

Dr. Hayo Reinders is Director of the Anaheim University Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in TESOL Program. Holding a Ph.D. in Language Teaching and Learning from the University of Auckland, Dr. Reinders is also Professor of Education and Head of Department at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. His previous positions include Head of Learner Development at Middlesex University in London, Director of the English Language Self Access Centre at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and associate professor at RELC in Singapore. He has worked with teachers from a large number of countries worldwide and has been visiting professor in Japan, Thailand, Mexico and the Netherlands. Dr. Reinders edits the journal 'Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching' as well as a book series on ‘New Language Learning and Teaching Environments’ for Palgrave Macmillan. He is Editor of Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, and Convenor of the AILA Research Network for CALL and the Learner. Dr. Reinders' interests are in technology in education, learner autonomy, and out-of-class learning, and he is a speaker on these subjects for the Royal Society of New Zealand. His most recent books are on teacher autonomy, teaching methodologies, and second language acquisition.

David Nunan, Ph.D.David Nunan, Ph.D.

David Nunan, Ph.D.
Anaheim University David Nunan TESOL Institute Director, TESOL Professor

Dr. David Nunan is former president of TESOL, the world's largest language teaching organization and the world's leading textbook series author. David Nunan, Director of the David Nunan TESOL Institute, is the founding Dean of the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education and served as President of Anaheim University from 2006 to 2008. Dr. Nunan is a world-renowned linguist and best-selling author of English Language Teaching textbooks for Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Thomson Learning. His ELT textbook series "Go For It" is the largest selling textbook series in the world with total sales exceeding 2.5 billion books. In 2000, David Nunan served as President of TESOL, the world's largest language teaching association, and was the first person to serve as President from outside North America. David Nunan has been involved in the teaching of graduate programs for such prestigious institutions as the University of Hong Kong, Columbia University, the University of Hawaii, Monterey Institute for International Studies, and many more. In 2002 Dr. Nunan received a congressional citation from the United States House of Representatives for his services to English language education through his pioneering work in online education at Anaheim University. In 2003 he was ranked the 7th most influential Australian in Asia by Business Review Weekly, and in 2005 he was named one of the top "50 Australians who Matter". David Nunan was invited by the Australian Prime Minister to attend a summit in Sydney Australia in December 1996 as one of the Leading 100 Global Australians.

MECTokyo Sat, Aug. 4 11:00 am - 11:50 am: Seven Things I Wish I'd Known

In this presentation, I will talk about seven things I wish I’d known when I started out as a language teacher in the early 1970s. They are insights that developed as I gained experiences as a teacher, teacher educator and researcher over a period of almost fifty years. I will describe the principles and illustrate their practical applications to language learning and teaching.

Dr. Jo Mynard
Jo Mynard, Ph.D.

Jo Mynard, Ph.D.
Anaheim University TESOL Professor

Dr. Jo Mynard is a TESOL Professor at Anaheim University and an Associate Professor and Director of the Self-Access Learning Centre (SALC) at Kanda University of International Studies in Japan. She completed her Doctorate in Education (TEFL) at the University of Exeter, UK in 2003 and her M.Phil, in Applied Linguistics at Trinity College, Dublin in 1997. Before joining KUIS in 2008, she worked as an Associate Professor of English language at NUCB/Koryo College in Nagoya, as well as in Abu Dhabi at a high school and Zayed University (ZU). As a founding faculty member at ZU, she was involved in English language curriculum development and materials development and founded and coordinated the Learning Enhancement Centre (LEC) which was designed to support learners’ autonomous language study. Dr. Mynard has also taught English to foreign language learners in Spain, Ireland and England and has been involved in language education since 1993. She has conducted teacher workshops in Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and the UAE. She has been the editor of SiSAL Journal (Studies in Self-Access Learning), on the editorial board of many international research journals, and a committee member of the IATEFL Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group. She has co-edited four books on learner autonomy and advising in language learning.

Dr. Masahiko Abe
Masahiko Abe, Ph.D.

Masahiko Abe, Ph.D.
University of Tokyo Professor of English

Dr. Masahiko Abe is a professor in English at the University of Tokyo. He obtained his B.A. and M.A. at the University of Tokyo and Ph.D. at Cambridge University. His primary research area is modern poetry, both British and American, but his criticism covers many other genres, particularly fiction. His publications include Modernity and the Strategy of Boredom―Oe, Stevens and Avant-garde (2001), Improvisation and Literature(2004), An Introduction to Poetry in English(2007), On Slow Motion(2009), How English Works(2010), Understanding Japanese Fiction: Some Notes and Insights(2012), Staring and Literature(2012), Discovering Poetry(2014), Politeness and English Literature: Examing the Kindness of the Narrator (2015), Talking Like Children Helps: Strategy of Infantilism in Japanese Literature (2015), Playing with the Canon: Introduction to the “Scribbling Method” (2017), and English Education in Chaos: Confusion and Dishonesty in Japanese Government Policy (2017). While contributing reviews and essays to newspapers and literary magazines, he also works on topics such as “politeness,” “ethics of stomach problems,” “the idea of preparation”...etc. He is also a translator of Frank O'Connor's short stories and Bernard Malamud's The Magic Barrel. He won Waseda Literary Award for “Going to the Wilderness” in 1998 and Suntory Prize for Social Siences and Humanities for Staring and Literature in 2013.

Dr. Yuji Nakamura
Yuji Nakamura, Ph.D.

Yuji Nakamura, Ph.D.
Keio University Professor of English, American Literature and Applied Linguistics (English Education, Language Testing, Comparative Linguistics)

Dr. Yuji Nakamura is a Professor of English at Keio University. He teaches English Teaching Methodology, Language Testing, and EFL/EIL courses. He is a Past President of the Japan Language Testing Association (JLTA) and has been the chair of the Testing SIG of the Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET). He was a principal investigator of the research project “Developing an English Placement Test based on the CEFR Levels” (2012–2016), funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). He is currently working on the project “Developing an English Proficiency Assessment Tool for EIL Classes based on the Content Language Integrated Learning System” (2017–2020), also funded by MEXT. His research interests include second/EIL language assessment, teacher professional development, and videoconferencing. His current focus has been on developing in-house placement tests and doing longitudinal analysis of students’ English proficiency.

MECTokyo Sat, Aug. 4 9:00 am - 9:30 am: Two Sides of the Same Coin: Teaching and Testing

In this talk I will discuss the fundamental issues of teaching and testing in classroom contexts. These issues will be covered by examining the results of two case studies: “Developing an English Placement Test based on the CEFR Levels” and “Developing an English Proficiency Assessment Tool for EIL Classes based on the Content Language Integrated Learning System.” The former case study deals with grammar, vocabulary, and reading ability assessment on a large scale placement test, while the latter is focused on a para-language assessment tool which has awareness and attitude measurement (in contrast to language assessment ) in English as an International Language (EIL) and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) classroom contexts. When new ideas, methods, and frameworks are integrated into our teaching practices, what to teach or how to teach is frequently discussed and improved upon. On the other hand, the testing aspect which includes what to assess, how to assess, or even why assessment is needed is less frequently focused on for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons are: teachers have received very little formal instruction about assessment, teachers do not think assessment is important, and it is troublesome to design and administer a valid test. During this talk I will touch upon these issues by analyzing the results of these two case studies and suggest some possible solutions.

Marin Minamiya
Marin Minamiya

Marin Minamiya
Guinness World Record Holder: "Youngest Person to Climb the Seven Summits and Ski the Polar Last Degrees"

Marin Minamiya holds a Guinness World Record as the youngest person to complete “the Seven Summits” (climb the highest peak on the seven continents) and ski to the North and South Pole. A Waseda University student, Marin was first motivated to undertake the challenge at the age of 17 and she conquered the highest peak on every continent within a year and a half. She became the youngest Japanese person ever to summit Mt. Everest. At age 20, she became the youngest person in world history to complete the Explorer’s Grand Slam (climb the Seven Summits reach the South Pole and North Pole). Marin moved to Malaysia when she was 18 months old due to her father’s profession, then lived abroad for 12 years in Shanghai and Hong Kong. She began climbing mountains at age 13 in Hong Kong. In 2016, Marin was selected as one of Japan’s “Change makers of the year”. In December 2016, Marin was announced as the first female Global Brand Ambassador for the clothing company UNIQLO.