1)    Why did you choose Anaheim University?

Anaheim University offered a combination of qualities in a doctoral program I was looking for: the quality of the content that can be utilized both in academics and real life professional work; the convenience of providing a learning platform that combines online access and state-of-the-art technology and a focus on value that makes the program tuition very competitive with its peers. Anaheim is the best-kept secret that needs sharing with the business world. 

2)    Why did you choose to earn a DBA?

I believe that the effectiveness of a business consultant and advisor lie in the combination of a great education and the exposure to a rich and wide professional experience. Entrepreneurs greatly value this combination of both conceptual academic and professional excellence when facing either opportunities or challenges. 

Our clients and I, by working together as a team, have achieved both personal and professional success. Nevertheless, I believe that the same way we had an industrial revolution, and later on a technologic one, now we are living in the times of the “Know-How Revolution” which means that the greater value is placed not only on having resources available (such as Capital and Labor), but in mixing these resources wisely.

By undertaking the task of being proactive in my learning and training as an advisor, I will be better equipped to understand the opportunities and challenges and provide meaningful solutions for my clients to continue to succeed. 

3)    What do you like best about the program so far?

I am very impressed with the level of professionalism of the professors, their interest in us receiving feedback about our homework and projects in a way that we can complete our understanding. Also, the qualities of my classmates are outstanding; we have accountants, financial experts, professors, technology advisors and other professions that combined makes it really fun to interact and do projects together. We have students from different countries and backgrounds, which definitely makes this an international global program.

4)    How has the experience studying online been so far? 

This is my first time as a student receiving lectures online in an accredited institution (I have taught as a professor online). I come from a Chemical Science and Accounting background, two professions that require self-study for excellence, thus, the self-study part I find it to be a great match for me. On the other hand, starting this program in my business Tax Season this year; it has required extra focus and discipline, but after 14 years out of College as student, it is an amazing experience that will translate into greater professional excellence in my CPA firm. 

5)    Do you feel you are part of a learning community?

I feel indeed like being part of a learning community, since we all make comments that are very witty and practical in the online boards, which makes all us wiser and at the same time we answer deep questions from the professor and student hosts (every week one or two students serves as host) in a way that we can trace back to our textbook and actual new developments in the economy and business life. 

6)    What would you say to someone who is hesitant about studying online?

I would say that studying online requires all of us to build the person within, the future professional we all carry inside into maximum excellence, since either failure or success cannot be attributed to any other party, once the Institution, Program, and Curriculum is of high quality such as this DBA Program within Anaheim University.

7)    Can you tell us briefly about your career?

I was born in Cuba to an electrical engineer dad (telecom expert) and a third-generation accountant (my mother). In my house, you could barely walk around without seeing a book lying somewhere with a bookmark. I grew up seeing my father teach in classrooms, and my grandfather reviewing his students’ work at his house (during spring and summer breaks), so early on I developed a great interest into learning concepts, designing new solutions to every day challenges. The economy in Cuba hit its lowest point in 1993-1994 when I was starting my studies as Chemical Scientist, and overnight I became a small entrepreneur, buying and selling things that included food staples, clothes and other wares. 

When I came to the US in December 1997, I decided I wanted to study business and my Accounting professor encouraged me to become a CPA. I worked in many industries beginning from clerk positions and eventually promoted to Sales Territory Manager at a Fortune 500 Company.

In the summer of 2000, my Entrepreneurship professor encouraged me to become a business consultant and advisor and after obtaining my bachelor and master of accounting, I briefly worked as an Auditor at a Big Four Accounting firm, which allowed me to learn about Internal Controls, Accounting and Financial Systems. For the past 10 years I have focused on developing new tools and services that cater to entrepreneurs, especially in the Start-Up and Growth stages, while teaching occasionally at local South Florida Colleges. 

My dream is to substantiate my knowledge and credentials, so that I can use it as a platform along with my experience, to prevent many business owners from coming short of their dreams, because of lack of information, training and support. The concepts and practical tools that define the initial survival and further development of an organization are not very complex in nature, but require an awareness that most entrepreneurs don’t have at the beginning. 

8)    Do you think the DBA will help your career? 

This DBA program has already definitely impacted my career in a very positive manner. Sometimes I think about how I will feel once I graduate, and being a business doctor is something beyond my wildest dreams growing up in Havana, Cuba, in one of the most difficult times in our history as a nation. I believe that all of us need to take our development to the world, so that we can be a beacon of light on top of a mountain, and encourage others to succeed. I also believe that doing a lot of encouraging and mentorship can strengthen my leadership traits and skills and giving to others is an outstanding “mustard” seed that will bring a bountiful harvest. 

My first professor, Mr. John Wang, is already encouraging me to publish some of the content I am developing for my CPA firm and other businesses, which I find very professional, and very selfless. With this high-level encouragement and support, I will have no choice but to improve the quality and universality of the content so that it can be published and useful to others.

I look forward to continuing my participation in the DBA program and enhancing my opportunities to give back, and for that, I thank all the Anaheim University Team, and especially Elizabeth (Beth) Mays for being patient with me, providing the guidance at the beginning and ongoing orientation for me to feel at ease and maximize this program. Thank you Anaheim Team!