Don WangIn 2007, Haoyang (Don) Wang completed his Online Global MBA with Anaheim University.  Recently we contacted him and asked him about his experience with the program. 

- Can you tell us briefly about your career?

I work in a public Japanese company based in Tokyo and I also have been working in a Shanghai subsidiary for 10 years as a general manager. Our company is a manufacturer in the surface finishing industry.  Our technology is widely used in the PWB, electronics, semiconductor, and automobile industries.

- Why did you choose Anaheim University?

Anaheim University has good lecturers and the program structure is great.  All the faculty are of course very knowledgeable, but what's more, they are supportive of the students and often go out of their way to help when needed. There are lots of world-class professors. One of Anaheim University's slogans that I like very much is "Students first. Always." And what’s more, there is a bonus that comes with studying at Anaheim University which is the community of other students. It is a very learner-centered environment at Anaheim University.

- Why did you choose to earn an MBA?

First, I wanted an MBA because I wanted to advance my career and be prepared for the new challenges with a more professional MBA perspective. While enrolled in an MBA program, I knew I would have the opportunity to learn general business and management expertise that can be applied to nearly any industry.

Second, I now know more people to enhance my personal network.

Third, one of the best reasons to get an MBA is because I am truly interested in studying business administration.

- What did you like best about the program?

The professors often analyzed the case studies in the class directly. This made it very useful for us to understand and apply the theories.  This method can help us solve these same real-work problems which we will meet in the future.

- What is your favorite memory from the program?

Not only were the lecturers some of the best around, but the support that the university provides was also very good. If I had a question regarding my studies, I usually got a reply to an e-mail within 24 hours.  And the answers were very thorough.

- How was the experience studying online?

The format for the online classes allowed students to interact with professors and students from all over the world, and I found myself being more engaged and discussing the issues more deeply than I ever had the chance to do in a face-to-face class. It was challenging, it was fun, and you would meet students from all over the world. It was fantastic to chat with classmates from Japan, Korea, California, Minnesota, Canada, and Pennsylvania at the same time.

- Did you feel you were part of a learning community?

Of course I was.  It is a very learner-centered environment at Anaheim University and I was working with some truly inspiring people from all walks of life. The MBA program was not easy. Most people needed to put in many hours to get through the required work. Many spend most of their free time with a book or at a computer. I myself had to do this, but it was certainly worth it.

- What was the most unusual location you joined an online class or discussion forum from?

Once when I was waiting to board a plane at the airport, my classmates decided to discuss a topic online suddenly that I had to respond to immediately. This was the most unusual location I where I joined an online discussion.

- What would you say to someone who is hesitant about studying online?

Like you, I was wary of putting my trust in studying online, but Anaheim University is a quality educational institution and the experience has far exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for an environment supported by the best textbook writers in the industry plus students from all corners of the globe, then you will be happy at Anaheim. If you choose Anaheim University, I believe you'll be glad you did. If you are seriously looking for an online university at which to study your MBA, I can highly recommend Anaheim University.