Danny Schayes

Born in Syracuse, New York, Danny Schayes is a retired professional Basketball player. During his time with the NBA, he played for the Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets, Milwaukee Bucks, L.A. Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. Holding a B.A. in Chemistry from Syracuse University, Danny is now a student in the Master of Entrepreneurship (ME) program through the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business.


1. Could you please tell us briefly about your career in the NBA? 

As a player I played 18 years in the NBA for 7 different teams. I played 8 years with the Denver Nuggets and my last 3 years with the Orlando Magic among others. I also was very involved with the business of the NBA as one of the lead negotiators for the Collective Bargaining Agreement. After my playing days I was a Board Executive and Executive Director of the NBA's Retired Players Association.

My father Dolph Schayes, was also an NBA player. He played for 16 years as one of the league's pioneers. He is a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame and elected one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history (Top 50)

2. Why did you choose Anaheim University?

I chose Anaheim University for its online programs in Entrepreneurship. I am in business development and wanted to increase my professional skill and credentials.

3. What are you studying with AU and why did you choose the program? 

I chose the Masters of Entrepreneurship program (ME) as it is a tremendous fit with my business path. I am currently the co-founder of a start up company and am applying the coursework to my current business.

4. How’s your experience so far with AU?

I am completely satisfied with my experience with Anaheim University. With my current start up activities, raising a family, and a heavy travel schedule my attention can be limited at times. The school has been tremendously accommodating to my needs and the professors have been accessible outside of the traditional school hours. The office staff has been on top of things whenever I have questions and have been very attentive. I could not achieve this at a classroom based program currently.

5. What do you do for a living & how you study at AU is helping your career? (or how do you think your study is going to help your career?)

I recently left my job as the Director of Business Optimization at a high level economics firm to found a start up company called Builder Financial Inc (www.buildfi.com). BuildFi is a cloud based financing marketplace for commercial construction. Studying at Anaheim University offered me the opportunity to apply the lessons that I am studying directly to my business. I have already applied what I learned in accounting, forecasting, Intellectual property, and other areas to my growing business. I will continue this practice all the way through the program and hopefully beyond.

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