—Live classes led by business experts lend industry experience to both MBA and DBA degrees —

Anaheim, CA — Anaheim University’s new tuition relief program offers a $5,000 accredited online MBA and a $10,000 accredited online DBA to the first 100 new students, making these online programs the most affordable MBA and DBA on today’s market and allowing students to graduate debt-free.  Each of the 6-week business courses that comprise the MBA and DBA programs also include live, real-time online seminars led by business and industry experts, offering students an interactive international experience without having to travel beyond their home or work, and keeping the focus on quality as well as affordability.  

The MBA in International Business, MBA in Sustainable Management, and Master of Entrepreneurship each take an average of 18 months to complete and are designed to allow students to work full time while earning their degrees.  The DBA programs, with concentrations in International Business, Sustainable Management, Entrepreneurship, and Management, take an average of 2.5 years to complete and are also designed for professionals who work full-time.    

Dr. Andrew Honeycutt, President of Anaheim University, holds a DBA from Harvard University and speaks first-hand about the value of a graduate business degree: “The self-made business expert, the Bill Gates or the Steve Jobs, comes once in a generation.  For the rest of us, an MBA or a DBA provides a foundation of knowledge in every aspect of business, a set of tools and skills that is transferable and universal, and that allows people in business to communicate from the same fundamental starting point.”  Dr. Robert Robertson, Dean of the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business with a Ph.D. from Stirling University in Scotland, agrees, stating that “the burden of debt in this country is an epidemic that leaves some students with staggering loans to repay and others completely unable to consider a higher ed. degree.  Here at Anaheim, we’re trying a new approach, a debt-free, high-quality approach that we hope others will follow. In addition, the lower fee structure makes our business programs globally competitive.  Our goal is affordable excellence.”

Anaheim University students and graduates work at companies all over the world.  Trevor Hill, who was Managing Director of Audi Volkswagen Middle East, stated that, “The MBA program at Anaheim University is ideal for someone who’s had some work experience and wants to gain a little bit more… what we call “sharpening the saw.” What I’ve learned from the MBA is that every part of the business is integrated, and… to run a business as a general manager or as the head of a business, you need to know almost everything about how that business runs.”   Suyapa Yaguchi, who was Associate Director of UBS Securities in Japan, agreed, stating that “A lot of the material that we covered has really helped me improve the projects that I’ve done for my managers, and it’s helped me add value to my company.”  Russell Taylor, who is Microsoft Global CritSit Manager, had another perspective: “I like the commute.  I’m able to walk into my living room, sit down at my computer, take care of my homework, and communicate with my professor and fellow students.”  Gilbert Espinelli, who was Pioneer Corporation International Business Education Coordinator, added that “one of the good points about Anaheim University is you really have a chance to network with so many kinds of people from different industries such as electronics, finance, as well as meeting a lot of students from other countries.”  “The students varied, their level of experience varied,” said Christiane Aigner, who was Japan Coordinator for the Embassy of Australia, “from people with not very much business experience to people with a lot of business experience, and I found it fantastic to be able to bounce off each other’s ideas.”  Ricardo Nishimoto, who was Accenture System Integration and Technology Manager, shared that “The guest lecturers are quite impressive.  We had big names in business – in Japan and the world -- come to Anaheim University to spend some time with us.  They provide a lot of knowledge, a lot of insight about their industry and about how they work every day.”  

This tuition relief program reduces the cost of the entire MBA degree program to $4,975, which includes $4,500 for tuition ($375 per course x 12 courses) plus application, registration, and graduation fees.  The entire DBA degree program is $10,975, which includes $10,500 for tuition ($525 per course x 20 courses) plus application, registration, and graduation fees.  Students can either pay for the entire program up front, pay for each 6-week course as they take it, or pay on a monthly basis, which would be $250 x 18 months for the MBA or $365 x 30 months for the DBA.


About Anaheim University 

Anaheim University is a nationally accredited online institution of higher learning headquartered in Anaheim, California.  The school is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), an accrediting commission based in Washington D.C. and established in 1926.  The DEAC is a recognized member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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