Professor Andy Curtis

In March 2015, Anaheim University professor Andy Curtis was inducted as President of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) International at the TESOL 2015 International Convention and English Language Expo in Toronto, Canada. He joins Dr. David Nunan, Dr. Kathleen Bailey, Dr. MaryAnn Christison, and Dr. Denise Murray as the fifth TESOL President currently teaching at Anaheim University’s Graduate School of Education.

TESOL International is the largest organization dedicated to English language teaching for speakers of other languages, bringing together more than 12,000 educators, researchers, administrators, and students representing 156 countries. As President-Elect, Andy Curtis will preside over the Board of Directors for three years (the second year as President), serving as the public face of TESOL and its representative to the membership and the profession worldwide.

Andy Curtis was joined at the 2015 TESOL Convention by Anaheim University colleagues Dr. Kathleen Bailey, Dr. Mary Ann Christisen, and Dr. David Nunan. All four professors were key presenters on issues related to second language acquisition. Anaheim University has provided headline speakers and panelists to the TESOL International Convention since its inception in 1996.