MBA Virtual Roundtable

Anaheim University is excited to announce the next "MBA Virtual Roundtable" will be held on Friday, Sept. 12 at 5:00 pm (California Pacific Daylight Savings Time) / Sat., Sept. 13 at 9:00 am (Tokyo time). The VirtualRoundtable is an hour-long live webcam gathering open to all graduates and current students of AU's MBA and Green MBA programs; participants will have the opportunity to network and share about the latest developments in the fields of business and/or sustainability.

At the MBA Virtual Roundtable, graduates will be able to meet current students and "catch up" with old classmates, and current students will be able to ask questions and gain insight from AU graduates who have advanced their careers after their degrees. Attendees should come to the meeting with one topic they would like to throw out on the table for discussion, but also be ready for anything that may come up organically. There will be a current student and an alumnus who will be facilitating the session to manage the flow of conversation, but all participants will have an active part in shaping the focus of the meeting.

The videoconferencing platform to be used for the session will be GoToMeeting, which will automatically download when users click the provided link to join the meeting. More information on the use of GoToMeeting can be found at There is no cost involved in the downloading of the software or participation in the meeting. For the specific access information, please contact Leona Owens at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..