Anaheim University is redefining the nature of online higher education by beaming expert professors in the fields of business and English teacher education to computers across the globe through live webcam classes.  While many online courses constitute a series of videos adapted from pre-existing local programs, Anaheim capitalizes on the borderless nature of the internet, enlisting distinguished authors and teachers regardless of locale to develop curriculum and lead interactive seminars.

Such notable scholars who have joined forces online in this international classroom include Dr. David Nunan, founding Dean of Anaheim University’s Graduate School of Education and a pioneer in the field of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).  Dr. Nunan is a world-renowned linguist who hails from Australia and resides in Hong Kong.  His colleague, Dr. Rod Ellis, TESOL Chair of the Graduate School of Education and a guru on the subject from the U.K., has himself written more than 30 core books and texts on second language acquisition that are used around the world

Students in Anaheim University’s graduate programs receive direct feedback from such acclaimed professors in what might be termed a “flipped classroom”: Watch the lecture independently, and then engage with the professor during weekly interactive face time via live webcam classes and daily discussion forums or projects.  This international classroom model offers a network of professors and peers with whom both students and alumni can stay connected

Many prospective students have never heard of Anaheim University or its high-octane faculty.  But those who have know they’ve discovered a hidden treasure – and they don’t have to quit their jobs or forgo daytime salaries to earn graduate degrees with some of the world’s finest educators and classmates.  Anaheim has tapped the educational possibilities of a globally-connected society, and it’s only a matter of time before other institutions decide to follow