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Re-Imagining Kurosawa

Organized by Japan Foundation Los Angeles

Supported by Japan House Los Angeles

Presented by the Anaheim University Akira Kurosawa School of Film



Date & Time:
Monday, November 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm



 JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, Hollywood and Highland, Level 5
(6801 Hollywood Blvd.,Los Angeles, CA 90028)

*Please take an elevator to level 5. JAPAN HOUSE is located at the southeast corner of Hollywood and Highland on the 5th floor.



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Re-Imagining Kurosawa:

Academy Award winning Filmmaker, Film Producer and Screenwriter Akira Kurosawa (March 23, 1910 - Sept 6, 1998) was one of the greatest filmmakers of our time, who inspired many of the world’s greatest filmmakers such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. Kurosawa’s ground-breaking masterpieces inspired such classic movies as Star Wars, The Magnificent Seven, and A Fistful of Dollars, to name just a few.


In this lecture, Dr. David Desser will help you “Re-Imagine Akira Kurosawa” as he provides you unique insight into Kurosawa and his classic film, High and Low(1963), which was adapted from Ed McBain’s detective novel King’s Ransom.


Panel discussion/Q&A session follows the lecture.



Josh McMillen

Josh McMillen

1.     Why did you choose Anaheim University’s MA in TESOL program?

I chose this program because of the quality of the professors and the online setup allowed me to keep a flexible schedule.  Also, Anaheim does not have a practicum, which is great.  Anaheim recognizes that its students are already working in TESOL situations, so we can use the settings that we are currently in to aid us in our studies.  

2. Can you tell us about your career to date?

 Currently, I am working in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) with the JET Program.  I work at one junior high school and two elementary schools.

3. How do you expect your Masters to further your career?

Motomi Mizushima

Motomi Mizushima

1) Why did you choose Anaheim University? 
There are three main reasons; tuition, quality of the courses, and diversity of the class. After doing some research about business schools, I realized that what needs to be considered in starting an MBA is finding the balance between tuition, quality of the coursework, and diversity among students. Paying very expensive tuition that the typical American business school requires was definitely not affordable to me without full-time work. Also, there are only two application timings after putting enormous effort and money to prepare for admission. Thus I focused on an online MBA that I can afford and start the course once I get the acceptance. Although some people say that online learning is inferior in quality, Anaheim University has a proven track record as an online university in their well-structured curriculum, prominent professors, and excellent student careers. On top of that, I started thinking that doing an MBA while working full-time is an effective way to reflect on what I've learned in my courses to bring to my work in practice.  I also thought that the learning in this way brings synergy effect in terms of reproducibility. Moreover, students [in the same courses] working in different countries give us a variety of perspectives that you have never had before.

2) Can you briefly tell us about your career?
For about seven and a half years since I graduated from college in Japan, I worked in accounting at Dole Japan, the largest importer and seller of bananas and pineapples in Japanese market. I currently work as a senior analyst of Financial Planning and Analysis at Ralph Lauren Japan in Tokyo.  

3) Why did you choose to pursue an MBA?