Dr. Masatoshi Sato

Dr. Masatoshi Sato

Anaheim University welcomes new faculty member, Dr. Masatoshi Sato.  Dr. Sato earned his Ph.D. in Educational Studies: Language Acquisition and a Master of Arts in Second Language Education from McGill University, as well as a Graduate Certificate in TESOL from the University of New Mexico and a Bachelor of Arts in International and Intercultural Communication from Kobe University. Dr. Sato is currently an Associate Professor in TESOL at Anaheim University. He has also published various international journals and recently co-edited books from John Benjamins. We recently interviewed Dr. Sato to discuss online education and his thoughts on the field of TESOL.  

Q. What are your specialties?

- I’m generally interested in how SLA research could help teachers teach second language, no matter what the second language is. I have done research on peer interactions and professional development in teacher education. My primary area of research is peer instruction and how this facilitate second language learning. This research is relevant to the overall category, which is called instructed second language acquisition.

Q. What do you enjoy most about teaching at Anaheim University so far?

Ryane Willis

1. Why did you choose Anaheim University’s MA in TESOL program?
I chose the Anaheim program because it gave me access to pioneering researchers in the field of TESOL.  There was a level of quality in the instruction that I could not find in my home state. 

2. Can you tell us about your career to date?
I have taught in an Intensive English Program (IEP) for the past 5 years.  3 years into my career, I realized that I would not be promoted without a MA degree in the field.  I decided to go back to school for my second master’s degree. Now I work full-time at the University of Oklahoma as an instructor at the Center for English as a Second Language. 

Wesley Center

Anaheim University will hold the 2018 TESOL Residential Session from Thursday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 5th, 2018 at the Wesley Center in the Minami Aoyama area of Tokyo, Japan. Anaheim University's M.A. and Ed.D. in TESOL students from around the world will attend sessions related to "Analyzing Language for Content and Form" led by Anaheim University's Ed.D. in TESOL Program Designer Dr. Rod Ellis, Ed.D. in TESOL Program Director Dr. Hayo Reinders and TESOL Professor Dr. Jo Mynard. The Master of Arts in TESOL sessions will focus on "Analyzing language for content" while the Doctor of Education in TESOL sessions will focus on "Analyzing learner language" and students from both programs will also gather for group activities.

On Saturday, August 4th, 2018, the Multicultural Education Conference in Tokyo (MECTokyo) will be open to the public. Co-organized by Anaheim University, the theme of the presentations will be "English Opening Doors", covering a range of topics of importance to English language teaching and teaching English to young learners. Plenary presentations will be given by Anaheim University TESOL Professors Dr. Rod Ellis and Dr. David Nunan and experts on Applied Linguistics and TESOL will be featured including Keio University Professor of English Dr. Yuji Nakamura. The keynote presentation will be given by Marin Minamiya, who is a Guinness World Record holder for being the world’s youngest mountain climber to climb the highest peak (including Mt. Everest) on all seven continents as well as reach the North and South Poles.