1) Why did you choose Anaheim University?

After thorough research, my decision for Anaheim University was based on three major reasons: First: flexibility. As I am permanently employed and studying for a second Masters degree simultaneously, my place of work and time schedule were subject to constant changes. If it was not for a fully online-based program, I would not have been able to juggle three "full-time jobs." Second: internationality. A German degree in Humanities alone is insufficient to cope with the increasing importance of globalization and transculturalism. As a nationally accredited and English-speaking university with international orientation, I felt that Anaheim University fully met the requirements. 

Last: uniqueness. With particular attention to the International MBA program, Anaheim University is practically the only online university in the United States which combines business knowledge with strong expertise in Asian studies (special thanks to Dr. Callahan!), which is among my main research interests.

2) Can you tell us briefly about your career?

Q. Why did you choose Anaheim University?Craig Reiter

I chose AU for my MBA because it was one of the few online programs for Sustainable Management.  My research on the program found that the faculty were global experts on Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.  Having completed the program, I can attest that it was even better than I had anticipated.

Q. Why did you choose to pursue a DBA after you completed your MBA with Anaheim University?  

I chose to pursue a DBA because I want to be a Professor and teach sustainability at the graduate level to business professionals.  I also want the credibility in the industry and at my company as a sustainability professional. 

Bethany Fazekas

Bethany Fazekas graduated with honors from Anaheim University in 2012 with a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  

1. Why did you choose Anaheim University’s MA in TESOL program?

I chose Anaheim University's MA in TESOL program for the convenience of the online course setup, the outline of classes offered in the program, and because I was excited to learn directly from professors I had read about in my undergraduate program. I had studied their research and was anxious to have them teach me in the MA program! Their vast, global experiences were something I did not take for granted. 

2. Can you tell us about your career to date?